the Project

Project description

MODES project aims to reinforce the international and foreign students learning experiences through the equipment and boosting of the HEI professors’ skills to create inclusive classrooms.
To achieve this, they will have access to a Methodological Guide for teaching in international settings and an International Skills Curriculum developed by the project, becoming then able to foster the inclusivity of the higher education on a systemic level.

By improving the learning experience of foreign students in classrooms and campus life, MODES will address the problem of “culture shock” that many of these students faces, that often limits the quality of their international experiences in HEI at an EU-level.
The skills that the professors should cultivate in order to be able to consider and identify the needs of their students, based on these aspects are common throughout Europe.
Therefore, the cooperation of transnational partners, especially from countries that are in the epicenter of international learning in the EU will result in the identification of the international skills, the development of Methodologies for international learning, as well as the adaptation of these results in the diverse contexts of other regions.

  • WP1: Project Management
  • WP2: Development of a Baseline Study Exploitation Pack for International Learning Environments
  • WP3: Development of a Capacity Building Programme for International Teachers
  • WP4: Design and deployment of a Toolkit for Excellence in the field of International Learning
  • WP5: Dissemination and Exploitation activities
  • Strengthen professors and tutors’ capacity to create inclusive classrooms for international and foreign students;
  • Create a new and more inclusive for incoming students, methodological approaches and pedagogies for international learning;
  • Improve the international learning experience of foreign students into the classroom and the campus life by addressing also their challenges and needs;
  • Boos the integration of international students in the host European countries.
Target groups
  • HEIs Leaders
  • Professors/Teachers
  • International students
  • Academic and administrative staff
  • Local actors
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